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Cadet Orientation Flights

Maj. Evan Youngblood
Orientation Flight Coordinator


The CAP Cadet Program provides Orientation Flights to cadets ages 12 through 17. The Orientation Flight program provides cadets with an overview of flight in powered aircraft and gliders.

What are O-Flights Like?

O-Flights are typically one hour from engine start to shutdown in a powered aircraft and one flight in a glider. Each O-Flight follows a syllabus designed to take the cadet from basic to advanced concepts. Cadets learn about flight controls, pre-flight inspections, flight instruments, weather, and maneuvers. Cadets also get an opportunity to fly the aircraft.


Procedures & FAQs

Cadets who have not yet reached their 18th birthday are eligible for O-Flights. Cadets must register online for O-Flights to be placed in a slot. Cadets who have not flown are given preference.

O-Flights take considerable planning and allocation of CAP funds. Because of this, sign-ups, schedules, and coordination are key. On the registration form, cadets must enter a valid email address and phone number. These are the ONLY communication methods used for O-Flights. Cadets may also enter a parent email address, parents will be copied on all emails.

Cadets are given a choice of airports to fly from. This is a request, not a certainty. Due to various factors, it is not always possible to accommodate the airport request. Generally speaking, Veterans Airport (MWA) and St. Louis Regional Airport (ALN) are the primary airports used by Group 1.

O-Flight schedules are emailed 24 to 48 hours prior to the flight date. Each cadet is responsible for reviewing his/her email for this schedule and for arriving 15 minutes PRIOR to the first assigned flight. Pay close attention to the schedule, as your first flight may be in the back seat of the aircraft.

Missing A Flight

Cadets who must miss an assigned O-Flight are responsible for contacting the O-Flight coordinator as soon as possible, but no later than 8 hours prior to the flight. Cadets who “no show” for a flight will not be slotted on future O-Flight dates.

Day of the Flights

For scheduled flight dates, please see the Group 1 Event Calendar

Cadets should arrive at their assigned departure airport 15 minutes prior to their first slotted flight. The following are arrival points for our airports:

Veterans Airport/Marion (MWA) -  Midwest Aviation (base of the control tower)
St. Louis Regional/Alton (ALN) -  Airport Administration Building
Mt. Vernon Airport (MVN) - SRT Aviation (blue hangar on the right as you enter the airport)
Southern Illinois/Carbondale (MDH) - Flightline (follow N. Airport Road until it ends)
St. Louis Downtown/Parks (CPS) – Jet Aviation

NOTE: Due to airport staffing concerns, Group 1 Orientation Flights are no longer operating from MidAmerica Airport (BLV).

Remember, your pilot may be flying when you arrive. Cadets should go to the assigned meeting point and wait for the aircraft unless otherwise instructed. Cadets should never enter the flightline unaccompanied.

For questions related to O-Flights, contact Maj. Evan Youngblood at 571-249-2902.

Register online for O-Flights (FY22)

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