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Group 1 Aircraft Status

N883CP (C182 G1000)
Current Location: IGQ (Out of Group)

N98381 (C172P)
Current Location: RSV (MX)

N99566 (C172P)
Current Location: ALN, Hangar 97

Pilot Resources & Links

CAPR 70-1 (Air Operations Regulation)

CAP Regulations

70-1 Changes Compared to 60-1

CAP Mission Symbols

How to Become a CAP Pilot

G1000 Tips & Tricks

Flight Checklist

CAP Aircraft Checklists

CAPP 70-4 Guide to FAA Exemptions

A12 Program

Aircrew Forms

Aircraft POH

C182 NavIII


C172P AirPlains Supplement


Weight & Balance

ILWG Weight & Balance Spreadsheet

Avionics Guides

Garmin GNS 625 User Manual (N98381)
Garmin GPS 400 User Manual (N9447L)
Garmin GNS 480 Pilot Guide (N470CP)
Garmin G1000 Cessna NAV III Pilot Guide (N883CP)

Garmin GPS Simulators

GPS400 or GNS480 for Windows

G1000 for iPad

GTN625 for iPad (N98381)

Funded Fuel Guidance

All A missions are funded. Fuel for funded missions should be paid for using the credit card in the aircraft. Each card is tied to a specific aircraft, avoid using a card from another aircraft to pay for fuel. Whenever possible, the EFS Fleet card should be used. If this card cannot be used, any of the other cards can be used as an alternative. B & C missions are self-funded. The pilot must pay for the fuel. Do not use an aircraft card for B & C mission fuel. Fees and other charges (such as oil) may also be paid for using the fleet card for A missions. Remember, CAP is tax exempt. Do not pay for tax on your fuel.

PIN: Each plane has a unique credit card assigned to it; therefore, so is the PIN,  Cards are NOT interchangeable.   The PIN is made up of the first 4 digits of the N-number.  In the case of only 3 digits a "0" (zero) is added to the end. 

Mileage:  Use the PILOT'S CAPID for this entry.

ZIP Code:  36112. ALL cards and aircraft are registered to Maxwell AFB, Alabama.



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