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A12 Proficiency Flights

The A12 program is a way to fly funded proficiency flights under training mission numbers, for credit as MP, MO, or MS.

Available Profiles

Consult the revised CAPS 71-4 for mission profiles.

For UN-FUNDED C12 missions, refer to CAPS 71-5.

Requesting Funding

You should request funding at least 7 days prior to the desired sortie. The more time, the better.

A12 Funding Request Form

Use the form on the page above to request your funding. Be sure to allocate enough to cover fuel, and a comfortable reserve. You won’t get in trouble for going under budget, but you will if you go over.

Your WIMRS sortie will be put in for you. Do not enter your own sortie.


The flight is just like any other CAP flight, although the FRO list is restricted to those FROs qualified for A12 missions. A list will be provided to you in your approval email.

Follow the A12 Procedures Checklist

 CAPFlight Pro

Using CAPFlight Pro on your iPad is no loger approved for weight & balance due to old data in the app.

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