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Flight Checklist

Before You Fly

  • Enter sortie into WIMRS 
  • Apply for funding (if applicable)
  • Complete online ORM (Operational Risk Matrix)
  • Complete online Briefing (Form 104, if funded)
  • Call your FRO (no more than the night before the flight)
  • Ensure your flight has been electronically released
  • Check Tach time against AIF cover sheet for inspections, oil changes, etc
  • Fly safe

After You Fly

  • Record Hobbs & Tach start & end times in binder in aircraft
  • Take a copy of the Hobbs & Tach times home with you
  • Secure aircraft: doors locked, radio lock on, both mains chocked, baggage door locked, pitot cover, cowl plugs, tail streamer
  • Wash leading edges of aircraft with water
  • Top off fuel & get receipt
  • Close & lock hangar
  • Close sortie in WIMRS
  • Scan fuel receipt & add information (see Fuel Receipts
  • Upload fuel receipt (if paid for by CAP)
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