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How to Become a CAP Pilot

Also reference CAPP 70-12

  1. Join CAP

    1. Your CAP membership paperwork must be sent in and approved.

      1. Check for $65 to “Civil Air Patrol”

      2. Fingerprint Card

      3. CAP Senior Member Application

  2. Create eServices Account

  3. Complete Level One

    1. Complete online course via Learning Management System on eServices

    2. Complete in-person Level 1 briefing

  4. Complete Cadet Protections (CPPT)

    1. Online Portion

    2. Complete in-person briefing

  5. Get a CAP Uniform (polo uniform is preferred, and cheap. Purchase the polo shirt from

  6. Complete Aircraft Ground Handling (via eServices)

  7. Complete CAP Form 5 Prep Flight

    1. Contact a CAP pilot and arrange a familiarization flight to prepare you for your Form 5 (CAP Checkride)

  8. Complete CAP Form 5 Checkride in Cessna 172

    1. Complete Online 60-1 Test

    2. Complete Cessna 172 Quiz (done on paper and brought to your checkride)

    3. Print out the CAP Form 5 (bring with you to checkride)

    4. Schedule your checkride with a CAP Check Pilot

    5. Submit your Qualifications in Ops Quals (to access Ops Quals, login to eServices, go to Operations > Operations Qualifications. In Ops Quals, under Pilot, click Airplane to enter your qualifications, enter everything, even if you don’t need it for CAP).

    6. Upload documents into Ops Quals (This documentation is to “prove” items listed above. It should include all applicable documents, logbook endorsements, etc)

      1. Pilot Certificate

      2. Medical Certificate

      3. Form 5 (signed)

      4. High Performance Endorsement (if applicable)

      5. Total PIC Time

  9. ​​​​​​​Complete abbreviated Form 5's in other aircraft as desired (C182, G1000, GA8, etc)

For Help contact:  Maj. Evan Youngblood 571-249-2902

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